Steps to home painting in Stamford, CT

With the living room being the most utilized space in the home, it is important to ensure that it remains welcoming. One of the easiest ways of adding flair to the room is by home painting in Stamford CT. There are many decorating styles that you can use to transform the room, ranging from traditional to modern. There are various steps that you can follow when choosing a color for your living room.

The first step should be to think of what you want. Consider your preferred style. Do you want a warm or rustic style? Contemporary or traditional? Other important factors to consider when choosing a color or design include size of the room, wall height, light source and architectural elements. Experts suggest that you can create another color dimension using the ceiling. If your ceiling is tall, you can use a darker tone, but if the walls are dark, use a lighter color. The light source will also affect the look of a color. Use dark, rich colors to accentuate the unique architectural elements. Choose the paint finish for the living room. Select an eggshell or matte finish if your family room is formal and a semi-gloss or satin finish for an informal space.

After you have settled on a color, it is time to plan for the painting. Prepare the room, and wear the right clothes. Clean and clear the room by moving the furniture and removing any hardware. Tape the electrical fixtures and remove the electrical outlet covers. Tape also the door knob, baseboards and window frames. Use drop clothes to cover the floor.

Prepare the wall by removing the old paint. Use a solution of water and TSP to wash the surface. TPS is a non-abrasive and all-purpose cleaner that is used on nearly all types of surfaces. Fill holes and cracks using a light patching compound. Smooth the surface using a putty knife. Give it time to dry. Clean and dry the surface. Walls should be cleaned from top to bottom. To achieve that professional looking result, prime the wall. For excellent results in your home painting in Stamford CT, contact Business Name of Stamford CT.

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