Steps For Bed Bug Treatment In Alexandria, VA

In Virginia, bed bugs present homeowners with a high probability of painful bites. The bed bugs feed at night when the homeowner is sleeping. They bite into the skin and feed on the blood of humans. These bites lead to serious itching and discomfort. If the infestation becomes more severe, the homeowner and their family are at risk of developing serious skin infections. The following are the steps required for Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria VA.

Identifying the Bed Bugs and All Affected Areas

The pest control technician will evaluate the bugs found in the home to identify if they are bed bugs. These insects are morel likely to infest beds and spaces inside furniture that provides them with darkness and moisture. The pest control service identifies all areas that are infested with these insects and begins the extermination process.

Treating All Beds and Other Infested Furniture

The technician begins by spraying furniture with bed bug killer. They will wrap these furnishings in thick plastic and enclose them appropriately. The EPA has certain requirements for eliminating these insects safely. The technician must follow these procedures to eliminate the bugs effectively. The furnishings must remain covered for at least one month. Some pest control services may recommend the use of zippered mattress covered to suffocate the bugs more effectively.

Distributing Chemicals to Kill the Bed Bugs

The next step of the Bed Bug Treatment in Alexandria VA is to distribute chemicals to kill the bed bugs. The technician will treat all other areas in which the bugs were found. This may include closets, baseboards, and the drawers of desks. These are areas that allow the bugs to hide effectively.

Assessing the Treatment Area

The technician will review the treated areas in about one month. They will determine if all bed bugs were killed to prevent any further bites for the homeowner. They will retreat these areas if necessary.

In Virginia, bed bugs are common pests that infest beds and other areas where homeowners and their families sleep. They choose these areas since they can feed on their victims’ blood easily. Homeowners who need Bed Bug Treatment can contact Pest Management Services in Alexandria VA today.

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