Stem Cell Clinics in Los Angeles: Your Fountain of Youth

Los Angeles is world renowned for its beauty and youth. Everybody wants to look young and beautiful forever, but unfortunately, as we age, our cells do, too, causing wrinkles and loose skin as levels of collagen and elastin become lower. Reduced muscle tone, lifestyle, and genetics are among the other factors that can make a person look “old.” As we get older, the body redistributes and accumulates fat, which can lead to a loss in facial volume. The body also loses volume in facial bone with age due to factors such as bone expansion and bone resorption. This can cause noticeable changes in the layers of skin and fat supported by the bone. Fortunately, you can keep looking younger longer with the help of anti-aging experts at stem cell clinics in Los Angeles such as the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

Combat Age with Stem Cell Therapy

Currently, there are many anti-aging medications that have offered numerous ways to treat these issues, usually involving a kind of filler. Science has now found alternative ways to treat these aging factors with much more effective tools. One of these new treatment options is through stem cell therapy. There are many stem cell clinics in Los Angeles that have emerged to help their patients stay looking young and fresh, using stem cells to keep cells in the skin rejuvenated.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Serums

Stem cell clinics in Los Angeles offer anti-aging treatments and products using the most up-to-date advances in stem cell technology to help patients revive dead cells and achieve young looking skin for the rest of their lives. Stem cell facial serums have been developed that combine stem cells with high quality amino acids, peptides, and proteins in a way that is balanced perfectly to reverse the effects of aging and skin trauma. These facial serums are designed to actively promote new skin cell growth, which leads to skin renewal and restores a more youthful and radiant you.

Stem Cell Treatment: A Cure for the Blind?

Just as the skin and muscles in your face age, so do the muscles in your eyes, leading to different diseases, which can cause blindness. Recently studies have proven that by using embryonic stem cells (cells that come from the inner mass of developing embryos during the blastocyst stage of growth) in the site of degeneration in the eye, vision has improved immensely in patients who were once legally blind due to ocular degeneration.

Stem cell clinics in Los Angeles can offer these types of stem cell treatments and much more. With the advancements in science and technology today, there are stem cell therapies for everything from joint and muscle pain to injuries to diseases and much more. MetroMD is a stem cell clinic in Los Angeles equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and technology to treat anyone looking for these groundbreaking treatment options.