Stay Safe with Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh, PA

There are many types of insects that can make a home in various areas that pose risks to people. These insects infest homes and structures on the property. The bumblebee is a type of insect that quickly becomes a nuisance in and around homes. These insects can pose risks to health and comfort for many people. Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA can help safely remove these and other insects from the property.

What is a bumble bee?

The bumblebee is a fuzzy, black and yellow bee that is about the size of the end of a thumb. They seem clumsy in their flight, which may have been the reasoning for the name bumble. They are very beneficial to plants due to their collecting habits. These insects go from flower to flower collecting pollen to make food. In this collection, they often bring pollen from one flower to another, pollinating the plants. This helps the plants to grow and provide many benefits for humans.

Where do they make their homes?

Bumblebees can make their homes on the ground. They can enter topsoil through the small opening to find a place to create their nest. They can travel through the cracks and openings in the soil to create nests near foundations and concrete structures, such as patios or driveways. Once the nest is established in the gravel or concrete of these structures, they can grow to sizes of 50 to 400 bees per nest. Since they leave infrequently, these nests can go unnoticed until finding by accident when clearing weeds or performing other tasks.

What are the risks of Bumblebees

Bumblebees can be very aggressive if disturbed. Although one sting may be nothing more than a nuisance to most people, if a large swarm is encountered, or a person is allergic, these stings can be dangerous to one’s health. It is best to not disturb their nest if found. Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA can be administered safely by professionals, such as The-Beeman. They can provide complete removal of the nests as well as provide solutions to prevent re-infestation. For more information, visit the website.

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