Stay Out of Trouble After Receiving Assistance From a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City

Being granted service by a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City is a substantial relief for many individuals who have been arrested for a crime. Without this service, they couldn’t afford to pay the required amount for their release from jail. Even though technically a U.S. citizen is considered innocent until proven guilty, many people who are arrested wind up waiting in jail for several months before trial because they cannot pay bail.

Bail Jumping

The situation does not end after the defendant has been released, either. It’s crucial for this individual to make all scheduled court dates, since missing one or outright running away from the area leads to another warrant for this person’s arrest. Fleeing the area or avoiding court dates is commonly called bail jumping, and it can result in yet another criminal charge.

Bounty Hunter

If the person is not immediately found, the bail bond company in Oklahoma City that posted the guaranty will send out a bounty hunter if necessary to find, catch and bring the customer back. Otherwise the company has to pay the entire cash bail to the court system. Now there most assuredly will be no option for bail, as the defendant has been shown to be untrustworthy.

Additional Guidelines

To avoid further incarceration before trial, the person must follow other important guidelines as well. Getting into more legal trouble after making bail is another factor that will probably convince a judge to deny bail for the additional offense. That includes offenses like driving under the influence of alcohol or being in possession of controlled substances.

Although a defendant is supposed to be considered innocent until pleading guilty or being found guilty in court, being allowed out on bail with the assistance of an organization such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds is viewed as a privilege to a certain extent. A judge may order the defendant not to leave a jurisdiction, a county or a state. Doing so would then violate the bail terms and typically results in the defendant being arrested again and having to stay behind bars until trial. Click here to start getting help.