Starting to Rebuild After the Devastation of a Fire

Fire: the first element of nature that man claim for their own. But fire is a not tamable. A fire’s chaotic nature defies any attempt to stop it or control, and the damage that it is capable of causing is greater than some natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes. Anyone who has paid attention to the news for the past month has seen that a massive wild fire has started in the Canadian forest. A fire that grew rapidly to nearly half a million acres of land and caused the evacuation of over a hundred thousand citizens from the town of Fort McMurray and surrounding land and has caused millions, possibly billions, of dollars in damages. Many people when finally allowed to return will find a charred shell of their home and businesses.

A terrifying image and yet one that is all too common. California has been in a major drought that is affecting over 98% of its landmass; this has been a major contributing factor in encouraging the raging fire and many homes and neighborhoods have been badly damage. In that case, companies that specialize in repairing fire damage are needed. This specialization is important because assessing the damage after a fire is vastly different than if it was water damage or after a disaster like a tornado. When assessing superficial damages you need to look for areas of walls, ceilings, and around ducts as these areas might have been weakened by the fire and need to be replaced for the safety of the inhabitants. But, the more crucial part is the possible internal damages. It is important to have these damages assess by professionals who know what to look for. So, if your house has been in a fire Contact SERVPRO of Davis/Woodland to look at Commercial Fire Damage in Dixon CA or a similar company.

A fire can be the worst natural disaster for a home or business owner as a fire moves fast, leaving a trail of burnt dreams behind it. But all is not lost in some cases, as some buildings will go through a fire with mainly superficial damages that can be repaired with relative ease. So whether you live in fire-stricken Canada or are suffering from Commercial Fire Damage in Dixon CA, there is hope after a fire.

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