Starting A Medical Malpractice Claim With An Accident Attorney In Glen Burnie

In Maryland, a medical malpractice exists when a doctor is negligent, and their actions produce a patient-related injury. The circumstances involved in the creation of the injury dictates the level of liability. It also determines if the doctor acted out of malice. An Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie represents patients who were injured due to unethical actions of a doctor.

Tracing the Steps of the Procedure

The first step is to trace the steps of the procedure. This enables the attorney to determine where the medical error was created. The attorney meets with doctors and medical staff to complete this assessment and collect information. The patient’s records are also obtained from the hospital. In some cases, a court order is necessary to acquire the records.

Additional Medical Treatment Required

If the patient requires further medical treatment, all records of the supplementary treatment are required as well. They may show how the second doctor corrected the condition caused by the initial surgeon. The records could also show that the condition isn’t reversible and could indicate how the current condition could affect the patient later in life.

The Role of a Medical Witness

A medical witness is used to show how the procedure is completed as well as how the defendant could stop the injuries from occurring. The witness must share the same credentials as the defendant. They must have the same level of knowledge as the defendant as well. For more information, visit here.

Meeting with the Hospital Board

The initial steps for settling the claim is to meet with the hospital board. The meeting includes the defendant and their respective legal counsel as well. The parties discuss the injuries and all losses associated with them. The hospital board presents a settlement offer to the patient. If it is accepted, the process ends. If not, the case goes to trial.

In Maryland, a medical malpractice exists when a doctor fails to provide high-quality health care and produces an injury. An essential element of the cases is to show that a patient-doctor relationship was established. Patients that sustained an injury contact an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie contact Jaklitsch Law Group today.