Stairlift Replacement Parts

After years of use of your stairlift, there is a chance that it may require servicing or repairs. The time frame for replacing parts of your stairlift is quite variable as it really depends on how and how much you utilise it. For those with stairlifts in Bideford repairs are easy to come by as Somerset & Westcountry stairlifts offer a 24 hour emergency service. Failing this, if the problem with the stairlift is fairly minor individuals can also opt to replace or fix the parts themselves through the help of a manual and guide.

The Mounted Rail Track

The rail of your stairlift is the part that the stairlift moves up and down on. Over time, there is potential for rust and other damage to occur as the area it may have been exposed to water through the natural humidity found in your house. If you find that your railtrack is creaking, you can use oil for lubrication as this will help remedy the problem. If the problem with track is more extensive then it may need to be replaced altogether; however this is usually not the case and mostly only parts of it need fixing. Straight stairlifts are significiantly more easy to replace than curved ones, on the grounds that curved stairlift tracks are tailor made to fit your staircase.

The Seat

Since you will have used your stairlift often, there is also good chance that the seat may need replacing as they can be worn down and become quite uncomfortable or even painful to sit on. Replacing the seat is a quick and easy job, and many individuals opt for a DIY approach to the matter. In order to replace your seat, you just need to buy new padding and cushions. If your stairlift is still covered under the guarantee when you purchased it, it would be wise to let the company fix it for you.

The Battery

All batteries in products today will need replacing eventually and your stairlifts are no different. Many new models will indicate to you when the battery is low or needs replacing and some even have LCD screens that report on your stairlift’s performance. Should you be away from home for a while, in order to conserve the life of your battery it is advisable to turn the lift off completely and disable its use until you return.

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