Spend Your Senior Years Comfortably With Assisted Living Near Waldorf MD

Let’s say that, in the past, you held down a high paying job in Washington and commuted back and forth from a beautiful double storey, 5 bedroom family home with a giant yard, complete with swimming pool and hot tub, in Waldorf MD. You were happily married and the three kids were great – life was a ball.

Everything Changes With Time

First the kids graduated college and now they all have important jobs nowhere near Washington (two of them work overseas and the other is in LA) – you do not get to see them that often; unless you go visiting. Shortly after the last one left home, you retired and, with the kids grown and gone, had all sorts of plans for the things that you and the wife would do to fill your golden years. At first, you travelled together and even spent time playing golf together but, eventually, age caught up with the both of you.

You both discovered, first hand, the full meaning of arthritis and rheumatism; your wife developed a mild angina condition; you found it difficult to breath after climbing the stairs to bed and you both had to face the reality that neither of you was as young as you used to be. To top it off, although your house was home to many wonderful memories, it really was far too large for just the two of you.

Time To Move On To Somewhere More Attuned To Your Age

You might now take short strolls rather than hikes in the Maryland countryside but you often go out of Waldorf simply to drive around the countryside that you both enjoy. At first, you started keeping an eye out for any smaller (definitely single story) properties that you could move into but nothing positive ever came into view. Then, thumbing through some magazine or other, you came across a piece on Assisted Living Near Waldorf MD and, without much serious thought, you showed it to the wife and then put it out of mind.

Assisted Living And/Or Senior Apartments

However, the thought had obviously caught in both of your subconscious minds for, every now and then, one of you would say something like: –

* We wouldn’t have to climb stairs anymore if we lived in one of those senior apartments.

* You know, if that angina gets worse, you can get medical attention immediately if we lived in one of those places for Assisted Living Near Waldorf MD.

There was much more hinting; followed by discussion and, you guessed it; we are now very comfortably ensconced in a great place with Assisted Living Near Waldorf MD.

The Village at Taylor Farm in Bushwood provides full facilities for Assisted Living Near Waldorf MD (it is some 30 minutes drive away). They provide a wide range of accommodations and are licensed up to level 3.