Speeding Up The Process Of Industrial Product Design

For any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the design process is the most critical first step for any new product, part or component. This is also a critical time in choosing materials and production options that will have a significant impact on the ability to develop a cost-effective and streamlined production process.

There are several options that any OEM can use to streamline and speed up the industrial product design phase. As this is typically the most time-consuming phase of moving from concept to full production, it can be the make or break aspect of cornering the market.

Work with a Specialized Company

With your in-house design team working with a specialized engineering team through a production facility the design, prototype, and movement into full production can be rapid, effective and seamless.

These specialized companies work collaboratively to provide the information your design team needs on material options, production methods and in the best design for the part or component to reduce the cost of manufacturing. They can also provide feedback on design elements that can be altered to create a more durable, reliable and longer life cycle part or component.

Focus on Function

In the industrial product design phase, it will be essential for the design team to focus on the function of the part or component and not become overly fixated on adding features. The simpler the design, the lower the cost of manufacturing and also the easier it will be to create and prototype and move into production.

Often features become the issues in the design that slow down the industrial product design phase. While features are important to make a product distinct, it is also critical to understand how they add to the value or the benefits of the basic design. Simply adding bells and whistles isn’t going to make a product a better seller nor will it fill in existing market gaps if it doesn’t also offer better functionality than other products in the same niche area.