Sources and Signs for Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality services help in removing air pollutants from your homes and offices because air pollutants can harm our health. You might have poor air quality if you feel that the air feels stale and has an unusual smell.

When to Test Your Indoor Environment

If you or your family members are experience lethargy, dizziness, allergies, rashes, eye irritation, or flu then these are signs that you should hire an indoor air quality service provider. The quality of your indoor air is affected by factors such as pets, ventilation systems, dust, and even by toxic compounds found in construction materials and household cleaners.

Sources of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Building Materials

A lot of building materials have asbestos in them which is harmful for human health if inhaled. On the other hand, dry rot in wood and bacteria found in carpets and rugs also affect the air quality.

Combustion Sources

Old and faulty HVAC systems affect the air quality. It is very important to use HVAC systems according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to change the system after every 10 years. The reason for this is that old heaters release carbon monoxide which is harmful for human beings.

Household Products

A lot of cleaning products have toxic substances like ammonia, phthalates and sodium hydroxide that are not good for human health.

Outdoor Sources

No matter how much you try to avoid, outdoor pollutants will enter your house either from your shoes or pets. Use pesticides outside the house to tackle the problem of bugs. Also, make sure that you clean your carpets and rugs regularly as they tend to be the breeding ground for bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

How to Treat Indoor Air Quality

There are several steps that you can take to improve the air quality inside your home. The first step is to improve the ventilation of your home. Open up the windows and turn the fans on so that there is circulation of air. Invest in an air purifier as it helps in tackling with air contamination. Other than this, get your HVAC systems regularly checked so that they don’t release harmful fumes in the atmosphere.

Remember to hire indoor air quality service provider every once in a while as they will professionally clean your home and improve the air quality,

Who To Call For Indoor Air Quality Services

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