Some Helpful Features of Custom Boat Trailers

Custom boat trailers feature many different design elements that make them more useful and more helpful than non-customized trailers. They feature several options that make it much easier and safer for you to move your boat around. You also need to be able to move your boat on and off the trailer as easily as possible, and there are some custom design elements that can aid in that as well.


A winch is incredibly important for custom boat trailers. If you want a trailer for a tiny Jon boat, you might not need a winch. If you can pull the boat up on or off the trailer yourself, you don’t need a winch. Any boat heavier than 100 pounds or so will likely need a winch, however. Your choices for a winch are either a manual winch or a motorized winch. A manual winch will be much less expensive but it will require your own effort to move the boat on and off of your trailer. Typically, a manual winch will allow you to move about 2,000 pounds.

If you want to buy a trailer with a winch or want to add a winch to your current trailer, visit Tuff Trailer. They have a great selection.

Brakes and Brake Lights

If you are going to be moving heavy boats, you need custom boat trailers with brakes. If a trailer does not have brakes, stopping the trailer will rely completely on the brakes of the towing vehicle. For a lightweight boat and a light trailer, that’s not a problem. For a heavy boat and a heavy trailer, however, it could put extra stress on your vehicle. Having brakes on your trailer will alleviate this problem. Having brake lights on the trailer is also important because they help keep you safe. Since you are buying a boat trailer, you should consider purchasing waterproof brake lights for it. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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