Some Factors That Have an Effect on Whether a Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Disputed or Approved

The workers’ compensation system allows employees to receive financial compensation related to workplace injuries. These men and women file a workers’ compensation claim, and after the claim is approved by the organization’s benefits insurer, the person begins receiving weekly direct deposits that cover lost wages during recovery. The compensation also covers all related medical expenses and any need for adaptive equipment like a cane or crutches.

Waiting to Inform the Employer

Sometimes, hiring an attorney becomes necessary when a workers’ compensation claim is disputed. This happens for many reasons. Sometimes, the insurer disputes a claim because the employee waited for a while to tell the employer about the injury. Consider someone experiencing worsening neck and shoulder pain related to repetitive assembly line work. This person may have assumed that the discomfort would go away after a weekend of rest but, instead, it kept progressing.

An Injury Not Related to Work Activity

An employer may dispute a case if the injury happened on company property but was not related to the job. Yet, laws and courts generally side with employees on these matters, depending on the circumstances. For example, an injury may have occurred during a company party. Alcohol may have been a factor. The person may have tripped in the parking lot and fell on the pavement. Who is responsible for this situation?

An Activity Prohibited in the Handbook

If a worker is hurt while doing something that is prohibited in the employee handbook, they may still be able to collect workers’ compensation. This typically happens if the worker tried to do a work-related task like fix a problem without shutting off the equipment. It may not be allowed but, if the worker’s blood test indicates that illegal drugs were being used, issues will certainly be present.

In some cases, the worker feels like the case is hopeless even if they are telling the truth about how the injury happened at work or is related to work activity. A lawyer like Duane E. Thomas provides free initial consultations, so there’s no reason to just give up without discussing the details. Information is offered at the website

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