Some Common Myths About Car Insurance in Indianapolis, Indiana

Car insurance in Indianapolis, IN, is mandatory if you want to drive legally on public roads. However, you may have heard several myths about auto insurance. Here are a few auto insurance myths that still circulate, but they aren’t true.

All Traffic Tickets Raise Your Insurance Rates

While major infractions, such as speeding, raise rates, a one-off minor traffic violation should not cause a problem for drivers with clean records. Several minor infractions may cause the provider to reevaluate your insurance rates and add points to the license, so drive safely. Some states give you the option to remove the violation by taking safety classes.

You Only Need Minimum Liability

Minimum liability is required in most all states to cover the other driver for damages.

However, if you’re the at-fault driver, you could pay more out-of-pocket for damages to other drivers. It may be worth paying more in premiums than risking a lawsuit from not having enough coverage. Many insurance experts commonly recommend a minimum of $100,000 for bodily injury and $300,000 per accident.

Color Influences Premiums

Perhaps one of the most commonly believed insurance myths is color influences
auto insurance premiums. The color of the vehicle does not make a difference in your insurance premiums. What makes a difference to the provider is your driving record and make and model of the vehicle. Sports vehicles commonly cost more to insure, since they are more expensive to replace.

Knowing myths about insurance helps you make good purchasing decisions. Car insurance in Indianapolis, IN, is the law, so visit The Thompson group today.

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