Social Security Disability Lawyers in Missouri Can Help with Social Security Applications

When a person in Missouri becomes disabled and can’t work, they have very few financial options available to them. The Social Securiy Disability program is the only place they have to turn to. However, sick and injured workers should know that 75 percent of all initial applications in the state of Missouri are denied. If they appeal their denial, then they have a good chance of being approved. That’s because 70 percent of these people win their appeal. Hiring Social Security Disability Lawyers in Missouri will increase their chance of gaining these benefits.

Often a person’s application is denied because they failed to fill out the work properly and submit it to the correct office. Attorneys at Grundy Disability Group have filled out many applications and know what the Missouri reviewers consider important. They have to show that their clients cannot do the work that they did before. They also have to demonstrate that their medical condition prevents them from doing other jobs. Often applicants and their doctors spend too much time explaining the illness or disability and not enough time explaining how it prevents them from working. This is critical because there are people with injuries and illnesses who can continue working.

If a person does file a disability claim on their own and it is denied, they have a very short time period to request an appeal. Therefore they have to hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Missouri as soon as possible. This gives the lawyer the time to file the appeal request and to prepare for the hearing. An administrative law judge will hear the appeal. The applicant has to realize the the Social Security Administration will send a lawyer to the hearing to defend the denial. It’s important for the applicant to have their own lawyer to counter this legal expertise. Social Security Disability Lawyers know how to relate a persons health and fitness to their ability to do their job. They can clearly show that the person can’t stand long enough or even sit to do the job. They will also show that there are no jobs where the person could have the stamina to complete the tasks. Disabled people can visit Grundy Disability Group website to learn more about this process.

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