Snow Removal in Minneapolis

Living in the twin cities can be tough in the winter, because of the many inches of snow that accumulate and makes it hard to safely get to places where you need to go. The good news is that you can easily get efficient and professional snow removal in Minneapolis. Many snow removal companies have a 12-hour guarantee. This type of assurance is beneficial to both homes and businesses.

Snow Removal for Your Business

If you have a business, keeping your customers and employees safe is very important during the cold winter months. Snow left to accumulate can cause a myriad of issues. When a bit of snow melts it turns to water which then freezes into ice. Ice that just sits on the sidewalks and parking lots causes cars to have difficulty driving and people to slip and fall. Injuries caused by ice or snow on your property can lead to serious financial problems. In addition to this, customers will not come to your business if it is potentially dangerous to do so which can result in a loss of revenue. Not only this but if there is a lot of snow in your parking lot then your employees will have nowhere to park. This is why you need to have professionals come and make sure that your business is snow and ice free. Professionals will shovel your sidewalks, plow your parking lots and remove your snow drifts. You can also have your parking lots and sidewalks de-iced and salted to prevent ice buildup.

Snow Removal in Minneapolis for Your Home

When it snows on a weekday and you need to go to work it is especially difficult to do when there is snow surrounding your vehicle or piled up against your garage. Even if you manage to get your garage opened it is difficult move your vehicle because there is so much snow in your driveway. The professionals can help you fix this situation. They will get the snow removed from your driveway, sidewalks and walkways within twelve hours of the end of the snowfall. Many plowing businesses will also make sure that none of your landscaping is destroyed during the plowing and shoveling process. In addition, they have mechanics on hand in case one of the trucks break down, so you never have to worry that your route will be skipped over because of mechanical failure.

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