Sneezing? Help is Available Through Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY

Just because an individual wasn’t allergic to a food or a certain skin care product yesterday, does not mean it won’t cause an allergic reaction today. If a person normally colors her hair, she has most likely read the familiar disclosure to test a small amount of mixed color on the inside of the arm or back of the ear a couple days before coloring. This is because a person’s body can go through changes since the last hair color treatment. This might be a rare example, but it can happen. Most people have been allergic to certain fibers, dog hair, dander, cat fur, peanuts, chocolate, dust, pollen or grass forever.

Of course, at first, parents don’t know why their child constantly has a runny nose, sneezes or coughs. After taking the child to the doctor thinking they have a cold, they are told to have their child go through Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY to see exactly what is causing these reactions. Allergic reactions can take the form of itchy hives or they may result in near death situations that need quick trips to the hospital emergency room. Any person suffering from allergies should visit an Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center for assistance in dealing with allergies.

When a person is tired and miserable, lethargic, sinus passages are stopped up and eyes are watering, it’s time to have Allergy Testing at an Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center to find out why and what can be done to help. Many times the allergies begin in the spring, while others suffer from the time their furnace starts running until the days and nights are warmer and it’s not needed. Air ducts can have dander, dirt and other pollutants inside that can cause coughing through the night.

Spring flowers, the beloved dog, and certain foods can trigger a reaction. Patients who choose Allergy Testing in Louisville, KY will receive the help they need. Each patient is different and many will require an extensive amount of testing before results are complete. The doctor at the testing center has developed certain products a patient can use at home so they won’t have to send the dog or cat away. Some patients experience bowel problems due to their allergies that compounds their problem into a more stressful situation when dealing with allergies.

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