SMBs Take an Electrical Energy Audit to See Where They Can Save

Small-to-medium sized businesses are among those most likely to benefit from an electrical energy audit, according to a recent study. While such audits have traditionally focused on the power consumption habits of large retail and commercial operations, there’s no reason why they can’t save smaller firms money as well.

With increased attention on issues like power conservation and greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a good chance that these firms are interested in cutting electrical usage for environmental reasons as well. Auditors will look through an organization and find places where it would be easiest for them to save power.

Vampire power, as it’s sometimes called, is one of the easiest phenomena to get rid of in a place of business. When you leave something plugged in, it might still be drawing a small amount of electrical current from the wall even if the device itself is shut off. It needs this power to come back on quickly when needed. An auditor who finds a bunch of devices that can simply be unplugged can often slash the amount of power needed to run a business without causing much of an inconvenience at all.

Turning off unneeded lights and lowering or raising the thermostat setting is probably the most common way that auditors help to save money, however. Small businesses that make even the most cursory of changes will often be able to save a substantial amount of electrical power.

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