Skipping Rope to Have Fun While Getting in Shape

When you think about ways that you can exercise, walking, jogging, or aerobics might come to mind. However, jumping rope for fitness is an option to consider as well. Keep your body safe from injuries and have fun at the same time!

Find Your Equipment

First, make sure you have the right for working out. You also need to find the right rope for skipping. A beaded rope is often the best option for beginners, as it has a bit more give and will allow you to maneuver the rope while moving your feet. Also, consider the size of the rope, making sure it’s length won’t slow you down and tangle your feet.


In a gym, you’ll be skipping rope on a hard surface. At home, you’ll need to be careful of cracks and crevices such as those in sidewalks. Concentrate on both your environment and form.

Basic Steps

When you get started with your jump rope routine, a professional trainer can show you proper ways to move your feet and the rope. You’ll learn how to hold the rope, and how to get your timing right.

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