Sitting on the Dock with a Rod

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Lures

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Recreational fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Many people fish for food, as part of a business or as their job, but fishing for pleasure only is a quiet, solitary experience that only an angler can explain. Many a man loves to sit by a quiet river on a Sunday morning quietly watching the gentle ripples of the water as he minds his rod for movement. Then, he will sit up quickly as the rod jerks suddenly, springing to life to haul in his catch. He tackles the sea monster, pulling and reeling, pulling and reeling and slowly watching as the struggling creature reaches shore. He pulls it toward him and slips it onto the ground at his feet, watching it writhe and gasp. He bends down and takes the hook from his catch and gently tosses the beast into his keep net. Then, smiling, he puts a little more bait out there and casts his line back out before sitting down again. That, to some men, is like heaven on earth, while others prefer the competitive joys of competition fishing.

Competition and Rules

Competition fishing varies vastly from that peaceful scenario by the river. It’s a cut-throat fight between each individual angler, governed by specific licensing laws, rules and restrictions that must be adhered to or the competitors face disqualification. Anglers compete for various prizes which are based on the weight of their catch. However, the restrictions are that the catches must all be of the same species and the fish have to be caught within a certain given time limit. Fishing competitions have evolved from that love of local competitions between townsfolk or neighboring towns and there are various different types of competition. Each angler get a score for each fish they catch within that time limit, as well as weight of the total catch and the strength of the line they use. Those that use a thinner and therefore weaker fishing line are generally awarded more points than those with a thicker line. If you enter a competition, fishing lures in California CA must comply with local rules if an angler leaves the state to enter a competition elsewhere in the country. Visit for more information.

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