Simple Tips For Replacing Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures For Flagstaff, AZ, Homeowners

Leaking taps and old, outdated sinks are not hard to upgrade as a do-it-yourself project for any homeowner in the Flagstaff, AZ area. With new options in flexible water lines and the ability to use the existing drain pipes, it is easy to change out these Plumbing Flagstaff AZ fixtures in an afternoon if you do not change the shape or size of the replacement sink.

Measuring and Purchase

A drop-in sink is very easy to replace. These are the sinks that sit on top of the current countertop, with the ledge of the sink holding it in place and preventing the sink from sliding through. Granite or marble counters typically use under-mount sinks, which are installed using a different method.

To avoid having to cut the countertop, measure the current drop-in sink. Choose a replacement sink that is the same measurement for the outside. Match the new kitchen taps based on the number of holes in the replacement sink, which is either two or three with or without the sprayer.

The Process

Start by turning off the water and disconnecting the drain at the p-trap as well as the plumbing lines to the hot and cold taps. Make sure to also disconnect any connections for other appliances connected. Use a knife to cut through the putty holding the lip of the sink on the counter and lift the entire sink and taps out.

Remove excess putty from the counter. Install the new faucet in the sink, and also install the basket drainers in the sink sections. Apply caulk around the edge and drop the entire system into the sink. Attach all drain and plumbing lines, and be sure to check for leaks.

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