Simple Ideas For Maintaining Your HVAC In Greenwich, CT

While you may not see yourself as a do-it-yourselfer for big projects, there are some simple, easy routine maintenance steps you can take to keep your HVAC in Greenwich, CT in good working order. These routine tasks don’t require any special tools or skills but, if you do them on a regular schedule, you can help to minimize the risk of having a costly repair.

Generally the newer the model of heating or air conditioning system you have the lower the maintenance requirements will be. This is because of advanced designs and technology that help to keep the unit functioning at optimum levels. For this advanced systems yearly tune-ups and maintenance by company offering maintenance services for your HVAC in Greenwich, CT is often the biggest issue. Always have the unit services prior to use in the season and then again at the end of the season as well.

Air Filters

Depending on the climate and the environmental conditions you may need to change filters more often than recommended. Therefore, it is always recommended that all filters for your HVAC in Greenwich, CT be checked on a monthly basis. Look for dirt trapped in the filters that can cause the system to operate less efficiently. Dirty filters in either a heating or air conditioning system will lead to increased energy use as well as an overall decrease in the indoor air quality in the home.

Check Drains

A central air conditioning units as well as a heat pump unit used to cool in the summer will have a condensate drain. This allows the moisture removed from the cooling air to drain away from the unit. If the drain becomes blocked with dirt, mold or other debris it will give off a foul smell and also pose the risk of mold and bacteria in the system.

The back-up of water in the drain area can also result in leaks, increasing the risk of water damage as well as damage to the unit itself. While this is only an issue in the hot months, it is an important part of keeping your HVAC in Greenwich, CT operating efficiently. Your service technician and show you how to check the filter and drain, just be sure to ask on his or her next visit.

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