Simple and Effective Commercial Security Solutions

Is your business secure? You may have an alarm system and some security measures in place, but no matter how good your system is, there’s always room for improvement. Here are some simple and cost-effective commercial security solutions to help beef up your security and make your Iowa company safer and more profitable.

Check Out Everyone

One of the biggest problems employers face is employee theft. When you hire someone, you give them a certain degree of trust, and some people are going to violate that trust and steal from you. How can you avoid this? One of the most effective commercial security solutions includes background checks on everyone you hire. Chances are, the worst employees didn’t suddenly become dishonest or untrustworthy. They have probably been fired from several jobs in Iowa.

If you’re not sure about someone, talk to previous employers. They can tell you things that might not be on the paperwork. For example, someone may have been fired because the employer suspected theft but couldn’t prove it and they might have put down a different reason for termination.

More Video Surveillance

How much video surveillance do you have in your Iowa business? Are there cameras watching employees? The best commercial security solutions have cameras in the most important parts of their facilities, including all the exits and entryways. Installing video cameras can make a big difference.

Stricter Access

How do people get in and out of your facility? Are you still using old fashion keys or simple keypads with easy to remember codes? This could be a good time to invest in more secure access methods like access cards or thumb print readers.

Get Professional Help

Talk to security experts about making your building safer and more secure. They can give you an evaluation and help you customize your security needs. It may not cost as much as you think.