Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Window replacement may seem as if it is a large expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially because replacing your older windows with newer, energy efficient windows, can help save you money in the long run. If you are worried that your windows may need to be replaced, but aren’t sure, here are 5 signs that your windows need replacing.

  1. Do you feel that draft? If this is a question that you frequently have to ask, it may be time to take a close look at your windows. Your windows may not close properly causing a draft through your home. This can raise your energy bills, as you never feel like your home can get to that perfect temperature.
  2. Are your windows difficult to open? If your windows are difficult to open, or close, this is a sign that your windows need replaced. The most probable cause of this is that the tracks on your window are either breaking down or out of place. There is not an easy long-term fix for this but ask a contractor what you can do to fix this problem.
  3. Once your window is open, it won’t stay open. This is dangerous, especially if you have children or pets. A slamming window can also cause the glass to break, which will cause a need for definite replacement. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a window that won’t stay open.
  4. Your window doesn’t lock anymore. This is a security hazard. If someone is looking into getting into your home, they will surely find the unlocked window at some point. This also causes an escaping of air, and this can lead to higher energy bills as the heat, or cool air, escapes your home and you have to continuously run your system.
  5. Do your windows have condensation? If condensation is a common problem with your windows, it is time for replacement. This condensation can allow mold to grow in your windows and this can cause damage to both the windows and your home as a whole. Once condensation starts to become a regular thing in your windows, it is suggested that you replace your windows sooner, rather than later.

Do Your Windows Need Replaced?

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