Signs Your Home May Need Basement Waterproofing in Wakefield MA

No homeowner wants to have to deal with a damp and murky basement. It is important the basement of a home stays dry so the foundation does not begin to suffer any damages. Homeowners need to be aware of the signs they should look for to determine if they need basement waterproofing in Wakefield MA. With basement waterproofing, the basement can become a usable space again, adding value to the home.

If these signs are present, a homeowner needs to seek prompt waterproofing services:

  • Spalling occurs as water enters the basement and is absorbed by the brick. This will cause flaking and crumbling in the bricks or blocks and should not be ignored or continued and significant damage will occur to the basement.
  • Efflorescence is a condition that occurs when water enters the basement and causes the minerals to be leached from inside the bricks. If a homeowner notices a white powdery substance on their bricks or blocks, this means water damage is occurring.
  • Mold is almost always a by-product of too much moisture. If a homeowner does not see mold but smells it, this means it is present in their basement. Some types of mold can be toxic and can lead to deadly complications with a person’s health. If a basement has a musty smell, this is a good indicator a homeowner needs to seek Basement Waterproofing in Wakefield MA.
  • Water stains should never be ignored since they indicate water leaks in a basement. If one sees changes in the color of their walls or some areas that seem darker than others, it would behoove them to have their basement inspected for water damage and leaks.
  • If the walls of the basement have become bowed, it is time to seek repairs right away. This means significant structural damage is occurring and should not be ignored.

If your home’s basement is experiencing any of these signs, it is important you seek waterproofing services right away. Visit so you can learn more about the services a basement waterproofing company can offer. Call today so you can get started on the process of protecting your home.


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