Signs Your Child Might Have Kidney Problems

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body, as noted by the many roles they play to keep your body healthy and balanced. They regulate the level of water in the body, filter blood to remove waste and toxins in the form or urine, balance electrolyte levels in blood, maintain blood pressure in good range, and even regulate red blood cell production and calcium levels. If a child’s kidneys are not working properly, one or more of these functions will be affected. Below are some signs and symptoms your child may have a kidney problem and need kidney problem treatment in Dallas TX.

#1. Swelling

Persistent swelling around the eyes or in hands, legs, and feet suggests the kidneys are not getting rid of extra fluid in the body like they should. Sometimes the swelling, especially around the eyes, is mistaken for allergies. When the swelling gets really bad, it can lead to pain and difficulty moving around. You may also notice that your child is urinating less.

#2. Changes in the look or smell of urine

If your child’s urine looks an unusual color, such as pink, red, or dark brown, this could mean there is blood and inflammation of the kidneys or urinary tract. Some kidney problems can cause urine to look foamy. This could be due to having protein in the urine, which is normally present in urine. If there is a strong, foul odor to the urine, it could mean there is a urine or kidney infection, especially if painful urination also occurs.

#3. Flu – like symptoms and poor growth

When there is buildup of toxins in the blood because the kidneys cannot remove them in urine, your child will not feel well. Complaints of feeling tired, not being hungry, having nausea or vomiting, and trouble concentrating are not uncommon. You may even notice that your child is not growing well or is noticeably smaller than other kids in the same age group.

#4. High blood pressure

This problem does not always cause symptoms, so it may only be detected when your child’s blood pressure is checked at doctor visits. However, if blood pressure is very high, it can cause headaches, vision changes/blurry vision, dizziness, flushing, and/or nausea and vomiting, amongst other symptoms.

#5. Change in frequency of urination

Your child may be urinating more or less frequently than usual. When kidneys do not work properly, they can stop producing urine, which may lead to swelling. However, sometimes the kidneys cannot concentrate urine, so more urine is produced. In this case, your child may have trouble holding their urine or start wetting the bed. You may also notice your child drinking a lot more fluid.

If you are concerned that your child may have one or more of these symptoms, make an appointment with your pediatrician or family doctor. Your doctor may need to refer your child to a pediatric kidney specialist for further evaluation. For more information visit Children’s Renal Center.

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