Signs You Need Prompt Sump Pump Repair in Tuscaloosa, AL

Sump pumps transport rainwater from a contained space inside of a building to the outside. The devices can malfunction and break down, but fortunately, they usually give plenty of warning. Prompt pump repair in Tuscaloosa, AL, is essential when these symptoms develop since the equipment is crucial for preventing flooding in your home.

Pump Runs Continuously

A malfunctioning float switch is the likely cause of a pump that turns on and doesn’t stop running. A pump that has vibrated out of position also may not turn off when it should. Sump pump repair in Tuscaloosa, AL, will fix these problems.

In some cases, a continuously running pump is normal. This occurs when rainfall is unusually heavy and the pump must continue running to keep pushing water outside. It will also run for a while after the rain stops as the ground continues releasing excess water.

Pump Doesn’t Run

Issues with the float switch also can prevent the pump from turning on. The brackets holding the switch might be broken or the switch may have become stuck.


Since sump pumps are mechanical devices, wear and tear eventually causes deterioration. Some problems that may develop cannot be fixed. In addition, sump pumps that run frequently have an average lifespan of about seven years. You can be proactive by having the device replaced before then or by keeping a spare on hand for a plumber to install.

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