Signs You Need New Roofing in Louisville KY

It is no secret that as an asphalt roof ages, they start to have many repair issues that will usually lead to a complete replacement. In most cases, an asphalt roof will last about 10 to 12 years, which usually depends on the type of severe weather conditions it is exposed to. As soon as you start to notice signs of wear and tear on your roof you need to call in a professional to take a look. If you wait too long to have your roof replaced or repaired you will have a large bill to contend with due to the water damage that a leaking roof can be quite extensive. Here are a few warning signs to look for that tell you that you need new Roofing in Louisville KY.

Visible Damage

One of the first things to look for when trying to assess your need for a new roof is the amount of visible damage that you have. If you start to notice shingles missing or dry rotting, then you need to call in a professional to look at it. Over time, your roof will begin to become damaged by extreme weather conditions and prolonged exposure to the sun. If the only issues you see are broken shingles after a thunderstorm, then you may be able to have them replaced instead of getting a whole new roof.

Dark Patches

Another thing to look for when trying to assess if you need new Roofing in Louisville are dark patches in your roof line. New asphalt shingles come covered with a layer of granules made of stone that help to protect them from damage from direct sunlight. If you start to notice dark patches, it means that the granules have worn off, which means that the sun will damage the shingle to greatly. The larger the patch of black is, the larger the chance is that you have to replace your Roofing in Louisville.

If you start to notice these signs and need a professional roofer, then look no further than Elite Roofing. They have the experience needed to make sure that you get a quality roof replacement. You can call them or click here for more info.

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