Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairs from Roofing Contractors in Wichita, Kansas

There are two major roles that are played by a roof in the home. The first of these roles is that it protects the house from elements of the weather such as the snow, winds, rain and sunshine. In addition to that, a roof adds to the esthetic beauty of a home. Other functions of a roof include water harvesting in some circumstances. This indicates that you have to be very careful when dealing with installation and repair. Here are some indicators that you need roofing contractors in Wichita Kansas.

When The Roof Is Leaking

Leaking roofs are mainly noticeable during rainy weather. The main danger of having a leaking roof is that it rots the support structure of the roof including the wooden truss and also ruins the furniture in the house. A leaking roof could be as a result of one or two ruined tiles, shingles or a hole in an aluminum sheet. A roof expert will assess the roof and decide whether you will need to replace a part or the whole roof.

A Roof That Shakes Or Wobbles In The Wind

There is nothing that is more dangerous than a roof that wobbles when there is a storm. It is the most obvious indicator that the roof may fall apart or cave in and hurt the occupants of the house. The main cause of a shaking roof is weakening of the structures that support the roof. It could also be a result of poor installation and age. If you notice that your roof creaks or sways when it is windy, you need to contact a reliable roofing company in Wichita Kansas.

Curled Shingles

There are times when you will notice that your shingles have curled or turned upwards. It happens when there is too much moisture attacking the lower side of the tile. This moisture penetrated the deck of the roof and makes the tiles turn up. The solution to the problem is to improve circulation of air below the tile. This will stop the curling. In case the shingles are destroyed, you will have to replace the ruined parts.

Those are all signs that indicate you need the services of roofing contractors in Wichita Kansas.

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