Signs That You Require Air Conditioning Repair in St. Augustine

Air conditioning and heating systems are required throughout the year; they keep us warmer in the colder months and cooler in the summer months. The continuous usage of these systems may cause them to malfunction and eventually fail.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system helps ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Even though regular maintenance cannot ensure that repairs will not be required in the future, it can prevent minor issues from becoming major ones.

Here is a quick look at some of the signs to watch for that indicate you need air conditioning repair in St. Augustine.

High Humidity Inside the Home

One of the purposes of your air conditioning system is to regulate the humidity levels in your home’s environment. During the spring and summer months, the humidity levels in your home are at their highest. Fortunately, this is also the time of year when we make the greatest use of our air conditioning.

If you notice high humidity levels in your house even while the air conditioning is operating, it’s time to call for air conditioning repair in St. Augustine.

Condenser Unit Is Constantly Cycling On and Off

It should never reach the point where your AC unit is continually turning on and off, nor should it always be running continuously. You should get your air conditioning system serviced by a trained professional if it often turns on and off or tripping circuit breakers.

An excessive amount of brief cycling in an hour shows that something is wrong with your system. Instead of running several short cycles in an hour, the unit’s compressor should complete a full cycle. For more information, please visit Superior Service.

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