Signs That You Need New Patio Doors

If you are like most people, spring, summer and even autumn seasons are prime time to enjoy your deck, pool area or your outdoor living space. You may even have included an outdoor kitchen or an extended hardscape area in your yard, which means you are spending more time outdoors and making a lot more use of your existing patio doors.

When you have invested in creating your own private outdoor oasis to enjoy, it is a shame that the patio doors leading from the home to the outdoors are outdated, old looking, or even starting to become difficult to open and close.

Understanding the different problems that can occur with older patio doors, homeowners can spot the problems and choose a beautiful replacement. This will enhance the functionality of the door. However, and this is important to remember, it will also add to the appearance of your home as well as outdoors.

Old Sliding Bypass Doors

Most homes that have been around for more than a decade, and even those new homes built by the large developers, often feature the standard double sliding patio doors. These are sometimes known as bypass doors since one door slides past the other to open.

These doors do provide a lot of light into a room, and they are good for small spaces as they don’t swing in or out. On the other hand, they are very dated looking, and they tend to be something that you see in every home, creating less of a unique look.

Problems in Operation

With those old styles of bypass or sliding patio doors, or even with old styles of French doors that close to the middle, once they start to be difficult to open and close they need to be replaced.

For sliding doors, the problem is often with the track twisting or damage which is preventing the door from sliding smoothly. For doors swinging open, the home shifting, problems with the leveling and squaring of the door and even warping of the door can be the cause of the problem.

Lacking in Security

New styles of patio doors offer a wide range of different options in security features. Three-point or multi-point locking options, privacy types of glass, and even the overall construction of the door provides levels of security not possible in the old styles of doors.

If you have a beautifully-landscaped area, you owe it to yourself to invest in some new, secure and beautiful patio doors to add even more enjoyment when spending time inside or outside your home. For a wide selection of different styles of patio doors, classic designs or new options to consider, visit Nick’s Building Supply.

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