Signs That it is Time to Change Pediatricians

Sometimes, moving to a new city will force you to look for a new pediatrician in Houston, TX. There are, however, other instances where you should change your pediatrician for your benefit and your baby. Changing can be a difficult decision to make, especially since finding a new one isn’t exactly simple. There are a few signs that indicate that it may be time to look elsewhere for pediatric care.

The Current Pediatrician Does Not Make an Effort

A child screaming uncontrollably at the pediatrician’s office without any prodding is not in itself a sign that it may be time to look elsewhere. Even in this case, a PurePEDIATRICS’ physician will, at the very least, make an attempt to calm the baby. If your pediatrician does not make an effort to make the patient comfortable, it is worth switching doctors. You don’t have to go to a different practice for this reason. You can simply choose a different doctor.

The Doctor is Not Attentive to Your Fears

Parenting is no easy task, especially when dealing with a sick or possible sick child. Pediatricians have experience dealing with anxious and nervous parents, but this should not make them apathetic. A good pediatrician in Houston should listen to your concerns and fears, and find a way to ease them. Attentiveness can be in the form of reassurance or offering you resources and information to help ease the anxiety.

Pediatrician Does Not Share Information

You should be able to understand why your pediatrician is doing what they do at all times. If a pediatrician order tests or recommends a course of treatment, you have every right to know why. A good doctor should patiently explain any questions or concerns you might have regarding their decisions and use simple language that you can understand. A pediatrician who is not able to do this may not be the best fit for you and your child.

You Cannot Find a Middle Ground

There are instances where you may disagree with your pediatrician regarding child care. Disagreeing may include supplementing with formula or a bedtime for your child. A good pediatrician should allow you to explain why you make certain choices as well as explain their stance. As much as doctors are supposed to recommend what is best for your child, they should also respect your beliefs and choices, and work to find a compromise.

Whatever the reason for changing your pediatrician is, it is worth asking for extra services such as house call pediatrician. It is important that you are covered in case of an emergency, and can get your child attend to as soon as a problem arises.

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