Signs That Indicate You Need to See an Allergy Specialist in Birmingham, AL

An allergy specialist is a professional who has been trained to treat allergic conditions. There are many people who have allergies and can manage them on their own. However, there are several signs that indicate you need to see an allergy specialist in Birmingham, AL.

Over-The-Counter Medications Are Not Working

Over-the-counter medications are effective for managing mild to moderate allergy symptoms. However, if you have severe allergies, then the medication may not work as well. You may need a prescription medication to keep your allergies under control.

You Have Chronic Sinus Infections

It is normal to have a sinus infection every now and then. However, if you keep having sinus infections, then this can be a sign of allergies. Chronic congestion and breathing issues are signs of a sinus infection.

Your Symptoms Have Lasted for More Than Three Months

Your allergies are considered chronic if they have lasted for at least three months. Chronic allergies can make it difficult for you to sleep and work. A good treatment plan will help you keep your allergies under control.

You Have Other Health Issues

If you have other health issues, then you definitely need to be under the care of an allergy specialist. Other health conditions can make it more difficult for you to manage your symptoms. Additionally, there are some over-the-counter medications that are not safe to use if you have other health issues.

You Are Having Side Effects

Your current treatment plan may be working well for you. However, if you are having side effects due to your treatment, then it may not be worth continuing. Your allergist may prescribe another treatment for you.

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