Signs that Electric Water Heater Repairs And Replacement are Needed

The majority of homeowners do not have any idea that they are in need of Electric Water Heater Repairs And Replacement. However, there are some signs to be aware of, besides soggy carpet or water coming out of the unit. Avoiding the damage and disruption of a failing water heater is a priority for most homeowners and some things to be aware of are highlighted here.

An Older Unit
It is essential to know how old the water heater in a home is. The age can be found by looking at the serial number on the unit’s manufacturer’s sticker. This is found on the upper part of the unit. In most cases, this number will be coded, so check the owner’s manual or ask a professional for help in determining the actual age of the unit. If it is more than 10 years old, then it is time to begin thinking about a replacement.

Rust Colored Water
If a homeowner finds that the water coming out of their unit is the color of rust and that it is only coming from the hot water pipe, this is likely a sign that the unit is rusting inside and that it is going to begin leaking soon. However, if the unit uses galvanized pipes, they may be rusty. Calling for Electric Water Heater Repairs And Replacement is essential to find out what the cause of the rust colored water actually is.

Rumblings in the Unit
As a water heater gets older, the sediment will begin to build up on the bottom of the tank. When the sediment is heated and then reheated, it will eventually harden. When this occurs a homeowner may begin to hear banging or rumbling sounds coming out of the tank when it starts to heat up. This is a clear sign that the tank is near the end of its useful life.

Take some time to learn more about water heater repair in Charlotte,NC, to determine when it is needed. More information about this is available at Being educated will help ensure a unit receives repairs when they are needed.

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