Signs That a Home Needs Electric Repair in Indianapolis

Popping light bulbs, blown circuit breakers and failing outlets are all nuisances, but they can also present a significant risk of electrocution or fire. However, not every electrical problem is a danger; some are just a hassle. A certified electrician can distinguish between a minor problem and a major one, and they can point out the signs listed below.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If the power goes out in the home, either throughout the house or in a certain area, a tripped circuit breaker may be to blame. Start by unplugging computers, TVs and other appliances, which will prevent a damaging power surge. Then, reset the circuit breakers; if they trip again, call an electrician right away. Above all, do not put anything inside the circuit to hold it on, as it can cause a dangerous electrical fire. If the circuit breakers frequently trip, there may be too much voltage on the line, but an electrician can perform the necessary upgrades.

Sparking Appliances

If an appliance sparks when plugged in, the homeowner should avoid using it as it may cause an electrical fire. These fires should not be put out with water, but with a fire extinguisher. If the appliance is smoking but not on fire, cut the power to the outlet, turn off the appropriate circuit breaker, or unplug the appliance via the cord. In cases where the outlet rather than the appliance is the problem, call a local electrician for immediate electric repair in Indianapolis.

Non-Functional Switches and Outlets

Occasionally, a switch or outlet will fail because of age or ordinary wear and tear. As to electrical repairs, replacing a switch or an outlet is a relatively easy task, but that doesn’t mean that a homeowner should try to do it without an electrician’s help. If the house’s outlets and switches are constantly failing, it may be time for a wiring upgrade as opposed to a simpler repair.

If a homeowner experiences any of the signs shown here, or if they smell an electrical burning smell, they should call an electrician right away. A local electrician with can provide the electric repair in Indianapolis a homeowner needs, and they may be able to save the family from a tragic house fire.

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