Signs Termites in Bel Air, MD Have Invaded

A termite invasion can completely destroy a piece of wood. If that wood is used as part of the home, the damage can be severe. These damage costs can add up to thousands of dollars. There are several signs that termites have decided to make a new home in a home’s wooden frame.

Little tiny tubes are a sign of Termites in Bel Air MD. The termites will build tubes as a way to travel from the nests to different areas unseen. The tubes are made out of chewed up wood. If these tubes are growing in number or expanding in length, it is likely that this invasion is still very active. The longer that the termites reside in the area, the more damage they will do to the wood frames.

Termites are insects that fly. Once they reach their destination, the termites will shed the wings. These wings are usually more visible than the termites themselves because they are left outside of the nest. Because they are on the move at spring, this is the time of year when this sign is most visible. While this doesn’t necessarily mean this is an active invasion, there is an indication they have been visiting.

The most common sign of Termites in Bel Air MD is the tiny pieces of wood that are left behind. These tiny pieces are what is leftover after they have processed the wood. For every leftover piece, there is a hole somewhere in the wood. Anywhere the sawdust is present, there is likely damaged wood. While it is hard to predict how much damage has been done, an actively growing pile means the termites are still present.

Active termites can wreak havoc in a very short period of time. Once they make their home, the termite colonies will continue to grow and destroy. In severe cases, they can completely destroy the integrity of a wooden support structure. This can lead to a complete collapse of the structure. Take time to visit the website if there are any signs of a termite invasion. A treatment plan will be needed to ensure the termites are stopped and won’t return.

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