Signs Some Type of Neuropathy Treatment in Bolingbrook IL is Needed

A loss of sensation or weakness in different parts of the body indicate that a condition known as neuropathy has developed. Rather than adjusting and learning to live with the discomfort, it is important to seek treatment. Here are some scenarios that call for finding a professional who can provide the tight type of Neuropathy Treatment Bolingbrook IL, and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Being Diagnosed with Diabetes

It is not unusual for people with type 2 diabetes to first learn they have the condition because of numbness in the toes or feet. When they see a family doctor, one of the first things that will be done is to test the level of glucose in the bloodstream. Once the diagnosis is complete, the doctor is likely to recommend a range of measures to help control blood sugar levels. Along the way, Neuropathy Treatment Bolingbrook IL, will help to slow the progress of the numbing sensation that is already present.


Certain types of infections that weaken the immune system can also trigger neuropathy. For example, someone who contracts the Epstein-Barr Virus may notice a loss of sensation in the extremities or possibly some weakness in the arms. By determining that the virus is present and administering treatments that help the immune system recover and suppress EBV, it is possible for the nerve endings involved to begin recovering.


As a side effect, there are medications that can cause a loss of sensation in various parts of the body. Consulting with a physician will determine if a medication is the root cause, or if there are other factors contributing to the problem. If a medicine is an underlying cause, switching to something else, or at least adjusting the dosage, may be the type of Neuropathy Treatment Bolingbrook IL, required.

For anyone noticing a loss or a change in feeling in the extremities, it pays to seek medical help. The team at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Bolingbrook, IL can determine the underlying reasons for neuropathy and provide treatments that reduce discomfort and make it easier to get back to the business of enjoying life.

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