Signs New Roofing Tucson is Needed

The roof of a home is the most structurally important component present. If issues arise, it is imperative the professionals are called right away to repair the problem or provide Roofing Tucson replacement if that is what is needed. Learn more about the signs that roofing services are needed here.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

The vast majority of homes all around the country today have traditional asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, these shingles can become damaged over time due to high winds, adverse weather and constant exposure to heat and other elements. If any of the shingles are damaged or missing, it is best to call a professional right away to have the damaged and missing shingles repaired or replaced.

Dark Spots on the Roof

Another sign of a problem with a home’s roof is if there are dark spots on the roof. In many cases, this may indicate a leak or just an area that is weak on the surface of the roof. In any situation, it is best to call a professional for Roofing Tucson repairs before the situation has a chance to get worse.

Algae or Other Biological Growth

In some cases, if a roof is in a large amount of shade, algae or other biological growth may begin to grow. In many cases, this may not be a huge problem, but if the issue continues to grow and expand to other parts of the roof, it can result in structural issues. Calling the professionals for this issue is the best way to fix the problem.

Sagging Roof

To determine if this is an issue a homeowner will need to get in their attic. They should be able to see from the bottom of the roof whether or not the roof appears to be sagging. If this is a problem, it may indicate roof replacement is necessary.

Homeowners cannot ignore the state of their roof. If they fail to seek repairs when issues are present, it may result in problems that can only be solved with a complete replacement of the structure. Additional help and information can be found by contacting the staff at Ralph Hays Roofing or by taking the time to visit the website.