Signs It’s Time to See a Practitioner of Periodontics in Los Angeles, CA

Gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, is very common. Nonetheless, taking steps to resolve the problem is essential to prevent disease progression. Mild periodontal disease symptoms typically can be resolved with improved oral hygiene. Once the symptoms worsen, the person may need to schedule an appointment with a dental practitioner of periodontics in Los Angeles, CA.

Gingivitis Symptoms

The first sign of gingivitis is bleeding, sore gum tissue after brushing or flossing. People usually can reverse the problem by flossing daily and brushing at least twice every day. Routine teeth cleaning at a dental clinic also is important, as this removes hard tartar buildup that irritates gum tissue. Research indicates that around 75% of U.S. residents develop gingivitis at some point.

Signs of More Serious Periodontal Disease

Several signs indicate a need to see a practitioner of periodontics in Los Angeles, CA. Gum tissue that is chronically swollen and redder than normal is an example. Painful chewing and gums that bleed for no apparent reason are other symptoms. Some individuals notice that the tissue has pulled back from its normal position, a process known as recession.

The Importance of Treatment

Having a dentist treat this disorder is crucial. Receding gums make teeth more prone to bacterial infections. Bacteria can damage the hard structures beneath the gum tissue. Teeth can become loose and even fall out. In addition, chronic inflammation in the mouth is associated with cardiovascular disease.

Anyone who has developed this level of periodontal disease may click to learn information about one particular dentist.

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