Signs it’s Time to See a Hair Replacement Specialist in Plano, TX

You never know how much you care about your hair until you start losing it. The following are some signs telling you might need Dallas hair replacement treatment.

Hair Line Recession

One sign telling you that you might need to have your hair examined is if you notice that your hair line is changing. Sometimes, this change is easy to see, but sometimes it is a little hard. Some people have a hard time analyzing their hair line because they see it every day. A good way to check is to compare photographs from a long time ago to today.

Thinning at the Crown

Another sign telling you it may be time to consider Dallas hair replacement treatment is if you notice your hair thinning at the top of your head. Hair recession is often accompanied by hair loss at the top of the head, but sometimes the issue is just at the crown of your head alone. Have someone check the top of your head, or do it yourself using two mirrors.

People should consider this solution if they start to experience excessive hair loss. Some people see a lot of hair on their bed, floors, or the shower. Of course, everyone loses some hair naturally, but the amount will be more than normal.

YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa (Joseph R. Yaker, MD) can talk to you about your options and what you can do to reverse what is happening to your hair. To get daily updates follow our Instagram page.

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