Signs it is Time to Seek Cooler Service in Minneapolis, MN

When you have any type of walk-in cooler for your business, understanding if it is working and functioning properly is essential. While it can be difficult to determine when it is time to seek Cooler Service in Minneapolis, MN, knowing the telltale signs of an issue will help you save time and money in the long run. Some sings you need to seek cooler repair are highlighted here.

Water Leaks

The walk-in cooler you use will have a number of components, such as coils, a fan and a compressor that all work in a similar fashion to a traditional air conditioning system. When the walk-in cooler begins to lower the temperature inside of the unit, it will create condensation naturally. When it is operating properly, the condensation will fall away into an attached drain pan. However, if you begin to notice pools of water all around the walk-in cooler, it may be a sign that the drain or the condensate pan has become clogged.

Unusual Sounds

If you begin to notice that your walk-in cooler has begun to make unusual noises, it will likely mean there is something wrong. This may be a gurgling sound, squealing noise or rattling noise; regardless of the sound, it is important to call for professional Cooler Service in Minneapolis, MN right away.

No Cooling

If the walk-in cooler you use is no longer able to keep the food inside cool, it means that the food is going to begin to spoil. The issue may be the result of a problem with the cooler’s thermostat or a malfunction of the compressor motor, and in some cases, the fan motor.

No matter the model of walk-in cooler that you use, it is important to call a professional service, such as Twin City Mechanical of Minneapolis, MN when there are signs of trouble. If you ignore an issue, it can result in lost money due to food spoiling, as well as the problem becoming worse and costing you much more in the long run. Being proactive and seeking preventative maintenance for the unit will also help to reduce the long-term cost of operation for your walk-in cooler.

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