Signs it is Time to Call for Commercial Electrical Service Louisville, KY

Unless a building was constructed recently, it is highly likely the electrical system needs to be repaired or upgraded soon. New electrical codes are being introduced to help make businesses safer and it is crucial that business owner keeps up with these changes. The good news is that a business owner doesn’t have to guess they need the services of a Commercial Electrical Service Louisville KY. There are a number of signs this service is needed.

System Interruptus Leave Workers in the Dark

If the electrical circuit breakers are tripping often, or if fuses blow quite a bit, then the circuits are drawing more current than they are able to provide safely. This problem may also be an indication of a dangerous fault in one or several of the circuits.

Lights that Wane and Flicker

When the copy machine is running, does the desk lamp pause for a moment? When the AC unit kicks on, do the ceiling lights appear to dim? There are quite a few motor-driven appliances in any business, and they draw a lot of current. The best solution to these types of problems is to wire these power-hungry devices to dedicated circuits. A Commercial Electrical Service Louisville KY can help with this.

Carpet Bumps Create Hazardous Working Conditions

If power cords in an office are running under the furniture and rugs, it creates a hazardous working environment. This is a sign that more outlets are needed in the space. If some of the wires are extension cords, then the outlets that are present are too far apart. In both cases, it is an indication that more outlets are needed.

Keep in mind the electrician that is hired matters. Take some time to find an electrician that offers commercial services. In some cases, residential electricians may not know how to handle commercial problems. When a person takes the time to find the right electrician for the job, they can have confidence that the desired results are going to be achieved. More information about hiring a commercial electrician can be found by contacting the professionals from Bates Electric Inc.

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