Signs it is Time for Wood Fence Repair in Blacksburg VA

A wooden fence is a great option for any backyard space. They offer shade, privacy, and help to keep pets contained. These factors, along with how affordable they make wooden fences popular among homeowners.

As time passes, though, wood fences may deteriorate, show signs of weathering, and need of Fence Repair in Blacksburg VA. Some signs it is time for fence repair can be found here.

Insect Damage

One of the most serious signs of fence damage to pay attention to is insect damage, such as holes or signs of gnawing or burrowing. While limited signs of insect damage can be repaired, more extensive signs may impact the structural integrity of the fence. Professionals can help homeowners determine if Fence Repair in Blacksburg VA is necessary or if the fence needs to be completely replaced.

Signs of Rot

Even though wooden fences offer a rustic, classic look that is timeless, even wood that is weather treated may rot. Rotting can cause the fence looking deteriorated. It may cause it to lose its form at some point.

If caught early enough, the rotting portion of the fence can be removed, then replaced. Unfortunately, if the rot has spread, it’s likely the fence is weakened too much, and that replacement is necessary.

Splintering or Splitting Boards

An easy way to discover if a fence is damaged beyond repair is if there are signs of splintering or splitting boards. Even if the fence appears to be structurally sound, and it is still upright, damage to the boards may show the fence is aged and that it needs to be replaced.

If a fence has splintered or split, it is likely that the fence will sag or even fall soon. This makes the fences dangerous and the best course of action is to have the fence replaced.

When a wood fence needs to be repaired, it’s best not to wait too long. Seeking repairs right away is the best way to ensure this problem does not get worse. More information about getting fence repairs can be found by taking the time to click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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