Signs it is Time for Lift Station Service in Magnolia TX

In almost all situations, lift stations operate properly when they are maintained by experienced professionals. However, even when maintained, issues may arise.

If these issues aren’t handled more serious problems may occur. Calling professionals for Lift Station Service in Magnolia TX is necessary at this point. Some signs it is time for this professional help are found here.

High-Level Alarm

One of the most obvious signs there’s a problem with a lift station is if a high-level alarm sounds. A high-water level alarm produces a visual and audible signal that indicates the water level in the sump is going up. This is usually an indication that the pump isn’t working at all, or that it is not pumping at a rate that is high enough to keep up with the level of water that is coming into the sump.

If the alarm is heard, there may be a lack of power going to the tank. Be sure to check the breakers to figure out if the power is on. If this doesn’t work, the float switch for the pump may have to be replaced.

There’s a Strong Odor

Is there an obvious sewer odor? If so, this is probably coming from the sump outside or from the basement. It may require a call to the professionals to find the underlying issue. If odors are coming from the bathroom, this also needs to be handled by a professional.

Water or Sewer Backups

Another sign that Lift Station Service in Magnolia TX may be needed is if there is water or sewage backup. This will usually occur because of a blockage, but it may also result from pump failure.

Slow Flowing Drainage

In most situations, the drains will show signs of an issue. As time passes, they will stop moving as quickly. While this may not be noticeable at first, it is going to become more and more noticeable as the problem gets worse.

If a person believes that lift station service is needed, it’s a good idea to call the professionals. They can inspect the system and figure out if any issues need attention. More information about when this service is needed can be found by reaching out to the professional team at Texas Pride Septic.You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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