Signs it is Time for an Appointment with an Optometrist in Wichita KS

Unlike the dentist, it isn’t necessary to make an appointment with an Optometrist in Wichita KS every six months to have a person’s eye examined. In most cases, having a thorough eye exam every two years will help ensure a person’s eyes remain healthy and their vision sharp. In addition to visiting the eye doctor occasionally, there are also some specific indications that this type of appointment is needed.

Problems Focusing or Blurry Vision

If an individual notices that they suddenly develop focus issues or blurry vision, then it may be an indication of a bigger health issue. This is a problem that needs to always be taken seriously. If the blurriness comes and goes, or if it is limited to just one eye, then a person should schedule an exam with their eye doctor as soon as they can.

Appearance of Visual Disturbances

Another sign of a serious issue is if there are any type of visual disturbances that appear suddenly, such as an obstruction of vision, flashes of light or floaters. In some cases, these can be the sign of a serious problem that may threaten the individual’s vision, such as a retinal hole, retinal tear or even retinal detachment. Anyone who notices this type of issue needs to schedule an appointment with their Optometrist in Wichita KS as soon as they can.


If a person begins to experience frequent headaches, this can also be the sign of some type of vision issue. In many cases, changes in a person’s vision will occur slowly and are often not even noticed by the individual at first. However, recurring headaches can often be one of the earliest signs of a change in a person’s vision. If an individual begins to experience this problem, they should consider having their eyes checked.

Ignoring changes in a person’s vision can lead to serious vision issues in the future. If a person notices any of the symptoms here, they should schedule an appointment with their eye doctor. Additional help and information about common eye issues can be found by taking the time to Visit the website.