Signs a Person Needs Tree Removal in Boston

Trees are a beautiful part of nature with many benefits. They provide shade during hot, summer months and are also a great habitat for other animals. Trees also become older and begin to cause problems such as roots growing under homes and destroying the foundation. Another problem with trees is they may get a disease and start breaking branches that cause damage to other things. Listed below are a few signs a person may need tree removal in Boston.

The Condition of the Tree Trunk

Some tree trunks may have holes in the truck that are referred to as cavities. If this is noticeable or if the tree trunk becomes very hollow, it is a sign of an unhealthy tree. Trees with these issues are not able to maintain a good base and will most likely fall down sooner than other trees.

Tree Bark Missing

Missing tree bark in areas on a tree is generally a sign of a bug or pest infesting on the tree. It can also be a sign of a disease. The tree should be removed if this is a reoccurring problem to prevent the problem from spreading to other shrubs, plants or surrounding trees.

Dead Branches

Branches that fall on a property can be a hazard. They can not only bring down power lines but will also cause damage to homes and cars. Tree branches should be cut back on a regular basis if they are seen hanging over an area where they can be a destruction if they were to fall. If branches are falling from a tree more often than they should, the tree may need to be removed.

Fungus Present on the Tree

Fungus and other diseases are very common in trees. Many landscape companies offer service to prevent or treat diseases seen on the leaves and the trunk of the tree. If the tree cannot be saved, they may recommend for it to be removed.

A good tree removal service is not inexpensive. It requires a lot of work and tree contractors must be insured because the job is so dangerous. To inquire about Tree Removal in Boston, visit us online for more information.

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