Siding repair depends on the type of siding you have

There are tips for siding repairs in Columbus OH but these tips depend on the type of siding you have on your home. The common types of siding are wood, aluminum, vinyl and steel, they have certain similarities but the unique requirements make their repair different. In order to affect the best possible repair, it is important to understand the variables of each material.

If your house is sided in vinyl and you suffer damage, the biggest problem is going to be finding material which is the perfect match for what you have. If you can find material, cutting the damaged area out is not a problem nor is filling holes, this can easily be accomplished. If, on the other hand, you cannot find the appropriate material, it may be necessary to take material from a less visible part of the house, use it for the repair and then replace the less visible spot with what you have been able to find. The best time of the year to make repairs to vinyl siding is when the weather is warm, if you attempt the repair when the vinyl is cold, it may crack.

Doing cedar siding repairs Columbus OH usually means filling cracks that have formed. If the crack extends more than two feet, the entire board should be removed and replaced. If the cracks are less than two feet long they can usually be repaired with exterior use wood glue or epoxy. To aid in the prevention of the crack getting any bigger, drill small holes in each end of the crack and a larger hole in about the middle. When the glue is applied, the holes will prevent the crack from spreading.

When working with aluminum siding and attempting to make a repair, it must be stressed that aluminum is easy to damage. The use of special tools that will not scratch areas adjacent to the damage is recommended, areas on either side of the damage can be isolated with masking tape.

Steel siding is tough but it is subject to corrosion of the metal. The best solution is to consider the siding as if it was an auto body that needs repair, sand and clean the finish, apply body filler and finish it in the existing color.

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