Sick of Washing Your Hazmat Clothes? Disposable Garments are the Answer

Safety gear has come a long way over the years. Safety considerations for employees that deal with hazardous materials have evolved to include the option of either reusable or disposable hazmat coverings. But which option is right for you?

If your line of work involves exposure to dangerous chemicals that can make proper cleaning of your work garments hazardous, or if your work area requires a sterilized environment, you may be thinking about trying Tyvek disposable coveralls.

Safety Benefits of Disposable Garments

Disposable hazmat garments ensure that no hazardous materials are brought into your work environment. This is important for lab technicians, as well as anyone working in a medical field whose patients include those in quarantine or have weak immune systems.

Clean and Convenient

Substances in environments that require hazmat suits may cling to the material of reusable garments. When washed, even if all the hazardous material is removed, it now becomes clogged in the washing machine unit. This can be costly, not to mention dangerous as the waste water will be contaminated by hazardous materials.


While it may seem counterintuitive, the right disposable garments are as durable as cloth, and oftentimes just as comfortable. The perfect mix of tear-resistance and comfort, it is no wonder that disposable garments are rising in popularity.


Disposable garments come in a variety of sizes based on height and weight. They are also available with or without elastic, providing you with a semi-custom fit depending on your needs and comfort.

Cost Efficiency

Worried that the cost of disposable garments will be prohibitive? Worry no more! A case of 25 disposable coveralls can cost as little as $120.00. In many cases, a free individual sample is available so you can try the product before buying, and be absolutely certain that it is right for you.

Whether concerned by the possible safety issues related to reusable work garments, or simply don’t have time for the extra option, disposable work garments provide a viable second option for workers everywhere.

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