Should you own or lease your propane tank?

If you are a propane user, you may be considering whether you should own your own tank/s or lease from a supplier. About a third of propane users actually own their own tanks, so it seems that leasing is more popular. However, there are several factors that you may need to take into consideration. The first is fairly obvious – once you hire a tank through a specific company, you are tied in with that supplier. This is not necessarily a bad thing, provided you believe that your supplier will always offer you a fair price and will be able to deliver promptly after you’ve placed your order. If you find that you’re always having to shop around to get the lowest price per gallon, it might be cheaper to own your own tank. However, if you’re sure that a company will always quote you market related prices, leasing a tank might be a more economical decision.

People who own their own tanks often do so when they have constructed a new home and are able to bury the tank in the ground during construction. Of course, this is expensive, and also means that you’re liable for any of the maintenance and responsibilities of the tank. Should you live in a built-up neighborhood, the safety of your neighbors is also your risk if you own the tank.

Leasing a propane tank

Based on the expense of the investment in a tank and the maintenance costs associated, many consumers prefer to lease their tanks from a supplier. This is especially true when safety considerations are uppermost in mind. If you lease your tank from a reputable company, you can be assured that they will regularly conduct safety checks and will keep you informed of any problems. Any maintenance costs will also be borne by the supplying company.

A reputable company, such as Affordable Fuels, will also brief you thoroughly on all safety standards. They will explain to you to pay attention to the smell of the gas – which will be very unpleasant like rotten eggs or a dead animal – and then immediately to shut off the gas, and to make certain that there is no spark or flame anywhere in the vicinity. If you trust the company that you partner with, you can use the propane gas in your Colorado Springs home or office with complete peace of mind.

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