Should You Buy Your Own Rig?

Driving a truck is a good way to earn money these days. In addition, there is more than one way to make a living behind the wheel of a big commercial vehicle. For example, should you check out heavy duty trucks for sale in Texas, lease a truck or work for a freight company or carrier? Let’s explore these options to help you make your decision.

Working for a Carrier

If you go to work driving for a freight service, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • No investment
  • No truck to buy
  • Set hours or jobs
  • Employee benefits


  • You are not your own boss.
  • Your hours and schedule are set by someone else.
  • Your earning capacity may be limited.
  • You can’t take time off whenever you wish.

Purchasing Your Truck

When you shop heavy duty trucks for sale in Texas, it can provide the following advantages:

  • You control your destiny and life.
  • You are the boss and you take orders from no one.
  • The sky is the limit for your opportunities.
  • You and your spouse can work together to increase your income.


  • Considerable investment money required
  • Financing
  • You are responsible for running a business.

Truck Leasing

When you look into heavy duty trucks for sale in Texas you may want to consider the option of leasing. In fact, if you want to be your own boss and run a business, leasing is the least expensive option, because there is no need for a large investment. You do not need perfect credit and you can be driving a new truck before you know it. However, you should check your priorities and financial situation before you make up your mind. Buying, leasing or working for others, all offer excellent opportunities.

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